Alain Merceron, from the banking network and a successful entrepreneur in the IT sector, Jean-Michel Lestienne, insurer and driver, holder of a beautiful palmares in hill racing and Nicolas Winforth, a businessleader in the automotive sector, are engaged in a common struggle, a real challenge: to set up the ecological transition on the car circuits.

But, like the novel of cape and sword, the three lovers of the competition will never cease to scrap with ardour and passion to impose their innovative vision of motorsport.

For almost 2 years, they will test the market by presenting their electric prototype, a real "rolling laboratory" developed to meet future environmental standards of motorsport, before crossing paths with kgM. The meeting will prove decisive.

The entry into the race of KGM, specialist in engineering and automotive architecture competition will mark the real start of the project and allow the realization of their dream: to develop the first electric race car offering the experienced drivers and the general public alike can experience the new sensations of driving and "electric" racing on the circuit. ERC140 was born.

In 2020, reality takes its mark: delivery of the first vehicles, participation in the Vendée Energie Tour, FFSA approval, trackdays organisation to demonstrate the sporting performance of the ERC140, organisation for single-type competitions 2021…

The adventure has only just begun!